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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> brown: israel stepped up its military offensive in gaza today and hamas rockets targeted tel aviv in day two of a growing middle east conflict. good evening, i'm jeffrey brown. >> suarez: and i'm ray suarez. on the "newshour" tonight, we get the latest on the war which has claimed civilian deaths on both sides. >> brown: then, b.p. admits to felony charges and agrees to pay the largest single criminal fine in u.s. history. we examine the legal resolution of the gulf coast spill, two years later. >> suarez: science correspondent miles o'brien asks an age old question. why do we sleep? the answer comes from an unlikely underwater source. >> no, you don't need more sleep? you're getting plenty of sleep right? are you getting plenty of sleep? yes. >> brown: china's new leader will head both the communi party andhe military. we assess the change at the top in beijing. >> suarez: and we close with the story of volunteers stepping up to help victims of hurricane sandy in the borough of queens in new york. >> there's people who h
evening. i'm judy woodruff. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the newshour tonight, we have an on-the-ground report from gaza city, followed by two views of the widening conflict on the third day of hostilities. >> woodruff: then, an update on the syrian war. margaret warner spent the day inside rebel-held territory. >> brown: we get a "battleground dispatch" from megan verlee of colorado public radio. voters in that state approved a ballot initiative allowing anyone over 21 to buy marijuana. >> politicses, businesspeople and law enforcement are wondering what comes next. har >> woodruff: hari sreenivasan talks to andrew kohut about the pew center's post-election report card, with the candidates, the campaigns, and the news media getting low marks. >> brown: david brooks and ruth marcus analyze the week's news. >> woodruff: and how much did the presidential candidates spend on social media? ray suarez has some answers on the daily download. >> take a look at this, the obama campaign spent $47 million on digital sending. and the romney campaign spent 4 my 7 million. a 10 to 1 gap.
's 18 months old i heard. brown hair and brown eyes. she was last seen wearing -- police suspect that alice was abducted by the man, 41-year- old eric eugene black and 35- year-old jennifer dawn carwile. they are believed to be driving a 1985 brown or taupe nissan station wagon. here's the license plate -- brown or taupe nissan station wagon -- >>> one week after resigning as director of the cia david petraeus will tell members of the house and senate intelligence committees what he knows about the attacks in benghazi, libya. >> four americans were killed in the attack including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. susan mcginnis has more. >> reporter: former cia director david petraeus is headed to capitol hill this morning to talk about the attack on the u.s. consulate in mbenga zoo. congressional leaders say he has a unique insight into the attack. >> director petraeus went to tripoli. he interviewed many of the people as i understand it that were involved. >> reporter: house and senate intelligence committee members
with everybody from anthony brown's asian american orchestra to wane wallace's newest cd. who haven't you played with lately? yeah, he's played with everybody. you can find mas on a lot of different cd's from the local jazz community. this song we're going to do is an air called the brown-haired girl. when i was recording, when i was fortunate to be able to record bridge across the blue, i was telling them i got this air, i got it off the chieftan's album, i'm going to do it on the electric base. he looked at me and said, you're nuts. people are going to go crazy but if you can do it, i'll help you. he gave me this book of airs and went, figure it out, figure it out. it never quite jelled on the base but when hillary called today, i started to think more about the cedar flute. i said, i wonder if this particular air can fit? well, here we go. (instrumental music). >> thank you very much. i guess what i want to say about an arrangement like that is that it's not meant to use the cedar flute as a bit of exotica, but what the panelists have been speaking about. it's the use of all of it together is
that it won't have to raise tuition next year. governor brown says that's unrealistic even with prop 30, which raised taxes to prevent deeper education cuts. students say it's time for an end to cuts and hikes. a spokesperson for the regents say prop 30 fund will help stabilize the system but they still lost $900 million in state funding over the last four years. >>> more education news for you now. bay area nonprofit that helps low income students get into college is planning a major expansion in san francisco. college track will double the number of high school students they serve in the city's bayview district. the ceo of college track sat down me this week and we talked about the hurdles that students face when they want to go to college. >> the reality, is i'm the first in my family to go to college had. that isn't the expectation you have in a minority family, that you're going to go to college. it's not usually what your parents think and not for yourself. >> what we found is there's an idea that students and families want to go to college. but they don't necessarily know how to get the
brown coil, paraquillo looking like a cigar and tasting of brown sugar, well-beaten eggs and flour. this is the sign, according to the traveler, of the spoon used it eat the towering cream. we used to eat these big ice creams in cuba, used lots of cream. most dominica patrons were male but a few foreign women venturing to the famous establishment in the company of men from the court. one of these women was my grandmother, merced moynihan. in la dominica, one of the best cafes in the world, located on oreilly street, where my grandparents met. ticket to ride, i talk about my family history but after they marry -- i am reading a little from the book -- my grandparents were at the center of many fascinating things. i found myself at el centro, the literary and musical gatherings. their house on calle mercades became a cultural cross roads with the traffic of foreigners created a new inspired geography. they travel everywhere. my grandmother, merced, nina played the piano and read poems, while edward read the poems besides playing the fiddle and violin, behaved like an avant garde comp
of black students. the county did not integrrte its schools until a decade after the supreme court's "brown versus the board of education" howwrd county has one of he highest-performing school systems in the country. we... got... an... overwhelming response... from concerned parents,.../ after... our story... on... crossing guards... last today, ... more ing - thhn... 60... baltimore intersections ... will... ánoá... longer... have... crossing guards../. janice park ... ... streaming live... in east baltimore,.../ on why thee..// ... list... jeff,we are live here aatne.. supposed to be one of 66 longer have a crossing guard... decision today it still has a crossing guard...but there's still 65 inttrsections that don't. crossing guards here in east baltimore tells us about &pseveral close calls they've had over the years...savingg children from speeding cars. but the city...did a survey recently and found at some interssctions..only one or two children were croosing.the result? as of today...outtof 466 itt intersectio
. >> i am pamela brown. let's get to meteorologist jacq not a bad start. almost a carbon copy of yesterday. but i think we will see a little more sunshine this afternoon. the headline for today, we will have continued cold temperatures. that will be the rule again with ties only in the 50s today. after some clout in this, we should have a sunny start to the weekend. in a little while, a sneak peak to your thanksgiving forecast. let me show you super doppler. it's picking up showers towards the northern neck and delmarva. for the most part, we will have clouds today. 51 degrees by noon. partly cloudy skies at 53 degrees by 5:00. let's check on traffic with steve hershorn. >> the inner loop of the beltway, no traffic troubles. the road work is out of the way. very smoothly on the beltway at new hampshire. no problems on the outer loop. in good shape around town. looking pretty good at springfield. hov lanes are open northbound on 395 and 95, moving smoothly. 395 to the 14th street bridge as well. in georgetown, there's roadwork at m street and canal road. at the key road. that's
with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. faster than mandy can hang up on mr. monday. you hang up first. [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls. [ ringing ] it's on. let's roll. >>> this has got to be one of the best parts of our job. we get to meet another one of our ipad 3 winners. mallory williams just won an ipad in kansas city missouri, and she's doing it "right this minute" with her 4-year-old daughter. welcome to "right this minute." >> hi, thank you. >> congratulations. you won one of our ipads. >> yay! >> you've got to tell us how you heard you were one of our winners. >> we were so happy, so excited. we're still excited that we won. >> do you know what you're going to do with the ipad already? >> i just want to play games. >> do you have a favorite game you like to play? >> angry birds. we like to play angry birds. >> perfect. >> what did you guys do when you got the news. >> we were haepd and we screamed. >> we were
on the budget. for the three mayors i've had the pleasure to work for, mayor brown, mayor newsom and now mayor lee, they make sure that we have the funds that we need to pursue disability access, that is vital. that is from the top. what we get to do as councilmembers, i'm trying to promote people stepping forward to apply as a council member in the future. we get to try to bridge some of the gaps that ms. jacobson herself did today. across the bay. she sees a need, she tries to bridge the gap. sometimes we need to be angry. that's okay. if we come with respect, human respect, we respect the notion of human rights will be okay. it is called the squeaky wheel, as our former director used to set. the squeaky wheel is oiled by law, it will move forward. i started out in the committee. the program access committee. it is no longer in existence. one of our main projects was trying to include disability rights in the -- i'm thinking about it myself -- when you hire a contractor, you have minority rights.
to 20 minute drive times even for interstate 80. this is a big big mess for the west brown area. westbound area. >>a semi truck lost his items and it landed on their area were car skidded and received flat tires. we do have a big shot was short to you later. you will see that the ride here westbound is jammed up as you try to come down the shore freeway. let's get back to the rest of the bridges around the bay area. here is the san mateo bridge ride. >>rand is on the golden gate bridge for a soft bond ride. there is big delays for the shore freeway here is your golden gate bridge ride at 101 south bond. >southbound. >>this is a little warm out here but this is people snow boarding. they're stating that is a great and that it is enough snow. they stated that they have been enjoined the runs and they have a lot list (it they're hoping to open a more this weekend and if you ask of them they stated that we will take whatever we can get. >>i like coming up here and then i can go back to work tomorrow. this is a little guy and his pretty advanced for a sage. >>how much snow can we exp
, washington. it's friday morning, november 16. i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. cynne simpson is in new york ready for her big debut.g here is jacqui jeras. you guys will have to watch at 3:00 on abc 7. meantime, waking up to again today. take a look at the satellite picture. there are some sprinkles to the east of the metro area. very heavy is expected. will be out of here shortly. i think we will get a little .unshine this afternoon now it reagan national, n manassas, 44 in fredericksburg, 38 at bwi marshall. 28 in petersburg. 29 in petersburg. 40 in charlottesville. expected mostly cloudy skies at degrees at 9:00, 51 at noon with some breaks in the clouds. a little sunshine this cloudy, 53partly 5:00.s at your thanksgiving forecast is coming up. will tell you how to seize the s weekend.wers thi a check on traffic and weather with steve. >> 395 at duke street, looks very good. springfield towards the 14th street bridge, lanes are open. toing well all the way up streetoss the 14th bridge. problemsdistrict, no the third street tunnel. no. montgomery county, 270 nea
husband former secretary of state george schultz. former mayor willie brown. [cheers and applause] and former mayor frank jordan. we want to acknowledge the husband of united states senator and former mayor dianne feinstein, mr. richard bloom. the wife of former mayor gina mos coney and the wife of former mayor joe alliteo, catherine. the sister of former mayor george christopher. the board board and the rest of the city family who has made this event possible. we are also honored to be joined by several giants dignitaries. president and ceo larry baer and his wife sam. [cheers and applause] . giants vice president and general manager brian saibian and his wife amanda. [cheers and applause] the wife of the skipper mrs. kim bochy. and let us now welcome distinguished members of the giants ownership group, charles johnson, david jenkins, trina and rob veen, tory and steven humphrey and allen baer. and we also joined by past giants owners. please welcome the family jamie and kim rupert and peter stoneum. also here with us today bob and connie laurie. peter and debbie mc clawl
is doing to stop it. lt. governor anthony brown held a news conference to launch the hospital-based domestic violence program at gbmc. they will house the program like this. they're already doing a lot to combat domestic violence, including the only sexual assault forensic exam program for victims 13 and old are. it's part of an executive order issued by governor martin o'malley mandating these programs. >> we brought everybody to the table and decided about two and half years ago let's expand. not by imposing them on hospitals but trying to bring together the resources so they could, as gbmc most recently did launch this program. >> fighting domestic violence is a personal battle for the lieutenant governor. >>> abc2 first showed you a program used by police forces. it's a series of 13 questions that officers use to identify potential domestic abuse victims. >>> traffic is moving again tonight in mt. vernon. early this week a break closed the area but tonight the department of public works opened the road. >>> well, david petraeus, he resigned a week ago as cia director citin
and prevent future situations. brown and other officials toured the new domestic violence program. the lieutenant governor has close ties to domestic violence after his cousin was murdered by her estranged boyfriend. >> we will have the professionals to identify the victims of domestic violence and connect them to resources in the community to break the cycle of violence. " the new program is primarily being funded by care first. it will offer patients all types of services, including sexual assault. >> the believe reaching out to these individuals is a huge help for the community and getting the victims to of the resources available. >> it is the seventh hospital in the state to offer the program. six others have seen a big success in lowering the domestic violence rate in the state. officials say a lot of times, the program helps to stop domestic violence cases before they escalate and go to court. >> if we can intercede at the early time, maybe we can prevent a more serious crime from happening. >> that is one of the main goals says the lieutenant governor. >> i would like to s
???these teams will look drasticially to or jimmy smith for baltimore. no antonio brown... troy palomalu... or bbn roethlisberger for piitsburgh.. yes, their q-b officiallyy ruled out on the steelers injury report.but the ravens don't believe injuries can sideliie big ben. "i don't believe you. i don'tt to me until proven innocent. r my thhory is ore like guilty until proven nnocent." the full injury report....and title game preview.that's a-a - coming up in sportt unlimited. how are the roads looking tonig? tonight?brandi proctor has our traffic edge reportt report. mapgreenspringlibertyshawanmap 395map the former head of the cci-a fields questions from congress.... 3 what... he knew about the attack... on.... the u-s consulate... in benghazi. 3 subway stations under water.... the shhckkng new footage from hurricane sandy..... and the end of twiikies and wonder bread... a rastic move by hostess... hat could cost 18-thouuand workers their 3 --adblib weather tz-- hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over,
the mime playing. anthony brown, who is a composer, is going to get a horn player to play something that is good but it's also someone who hasn't played in a while so it's a bit rusty. that's kind of tricky, but it had to be that because it couldn't be anything too complicated. he couldn't come up with this extraordinary riff set that made everyone kind of stand up and cheer. it had to be this sort of ragedy and yet truthful and sum up everything that's happened in the course of the play. but that's anthony brown's problem, not mine. >> so, anyway, i guess we should open this out to everyone out here. i'm sure you've got some questions that you'd like to ask phillip, so i'll be happy to take questions from the floor. over there in the red. >> can you explain again why the no no boys were rejected by the japanese community? i can understand if they said that they did not want to -- if they answered no no that the caucasian community would reject them, but i'm not sure where the japanese community rejected them. i felt like they were making a stand for the community. >> i think what's
a correction. into december, the fiscal cliff, remember charlie brown and lucy? this is charlie brown and lucy. when the football away, will come down to the 11th hour. they will do the down payment, there will be the down payment which we will agree to disagree on this, 10%. at the end of the day, i have many people telling me about her is working groups already putting together, they know what it will be. liz: either way they have to, they are paid to invest. they're paid to, so i have to by year-end in some kind of investment with their clients money. >> 80% of the hedge funds are below the index fund, so the people getting paid nothing or 20 basis points per year, take 20%. liz: so all of those you are paying and they aren't even matching the s&p 500. >> and we understand we have this lake with apple kicking capital gains and they could all be buying it back december 2. you can take your tax loss now. liz: they erase about a 4% loss earlier today, now we reverse again, if you look at the intraday, you see that kind of behavior at the moment and look at that, did they suddenly wake up and s
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browns to your breakfast combo for just 99 cents. new thii morning... conflict intensifies in israel and gaza... leaving behiid death and destruction.massive airstrikes on gaaa were reported early this morning. israel sayy morr than 400 rockets wwre fired since wednesday, and it's being forced to prrtect its citizens with weappns of iis own. both israeli and palestinian officials are reporting deaths -- including children. authorities are continuing too investigate some bizarre pootage... just recently captured in coloradooit shows an unidentified object... flying in the skies over deever.a local resident shoo thhs video from a hilltop the fast-movinggobjects appear times a eek. a local news - cameraman set up in the same spot... aad goo similar video. experts say... it's hard to pinpoint what it could be..te f-a-a and norad both say they know of no aarcraft in the area at the time the videoo were shot. he's the man a the center of news reports and headlines, the formee cia ireetor embroiled in scandal afterr admitting to an extramarital affair..this morning david petraeus will b
with a timely manner within the brown act, something that this government seems to circumvent. many, many violations of the sunshine department are routine in this recreation and park department. cultivating the desecration of western culture. that is what is going on within this recreation and park department. if you cannot see either the ramifications or collateral damage this department has achieved, then you are seriously deceiving yourself and the general public. you have caused immense suffering, hardship and devastation to the bay area. city and county of san francisco and all of the people that have lived in it. it is similar to the feeling in benghazi. september 11th, 2012. nobody here to answer your concerns. nobody here that cares. nobody here that is watching what is really going on. thank you for your time. have a great day. and enjoy your thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> is there anyone else? richard, come forward. that is not this one. it is the next one. okay. richard. >> good morning, commissioners and general manager. i would like to speak in support of what's happening on
to chew on over thanksgiving. and hopefully you won't choke on it. september 11th, 2011 mayor willie brown, given advance warning of the nation's worst terrorist attack since pearl harbor. if only he had have told betty anne ong not to travel on september 11th, then we wouldn't have had to have -- >> i just have to remind you, that was a tragic event. i think you just have to show a little respect for that situation here in this room. >> absolutely. >> yet it was a very tragic event, september 11th. if you were in san francisco at that time, you were getting evicted from your stable, which was being managed by recreation and parks department and the commission here. you were told that you were going to get your facilities modernized. your stalls enlarged. that was ten years ago. you are sitting there asking me to have respect for september 11th? what if you owned a horses in san francisco september 11th, 2001. your tone would be a bit different, mr. buell. you seem to have total contempt for this city, the people that live in it. especially people that have recreational activities in it. y
governor brown eliminated redevelopment agencies statewide we lost huge resource for affordable housing construction. this bond measure is a start in the effort to replace those funds. it is not a dollar for dollar replacement. but it is a really good start. the goal is to construct 30,000 affordable housing units. we will do the plan check and inspection of these communities of that we can meet the needs of the whole community as we go forward. the next part of my report is i would like to talk an event that we had yesterday. councilmember -- was in attendance. this was a workshop held in collaboration with the independent living resource center of san francisco. walk san francisco and the bicycle coalition. we wanted to start an ongoing dialogue about the way that our different advocacy groups interact, trying to find common ground. part of what was the stimulus for the workshop was the feedback we heard from different people about some of the changes to the san francisco environment specifically like the jfk cycle track of the golden gate park. different advocacy groups ta
browns to your breakfast combo for just 99 cents.
their quarterbacks. go ahead and add their leading rusher to the list of the wounded. wes brown will need shoulder surgery after injuring himself in the wake forest game. recovery time 20 weeks. wow, hard to believe. >>> all right, meanwhile virginia and nc. that's gangnam style. kevin parks stuck in neutral. north carolina with a great goal line style. later in the drive, virginia defense allergic to covering giovanni bernard. virginia wins 37-13. >>> finally tonight, derek, you are gonna love this. au and mount st. mary's. barn burner on nebraska. steven lumpkin, call him the tidy bowl man. game high 21, mount st. mary's going for the win. eagles win 52-57, and mr. mcginty is going to be happy.
may be heading to d.c. they may be driving a brown 1985 nissan station wagon with license plate xnj 9177. if you see alexis carlisle, call police immediately. >>> police are asking for your help to find a missing prince george's woman. 90-year-old saki mcgurin was seen leaving her home wednesday afternoon in chillum. she may be driving a gray toyota row la. >>> this morning one family relieved and one grieving after a not guilty verdict in the bowie state murder trial. a jury acquitted alexis simpson on seven charges, including first degree murder. she was accused ofbb
, everybody. >> not so longing a our friend christian brought us a painful story of a dude outside the browns game getting paid $450 to dunk his head in a bucket full of human urine. our friend beth here got sick during that video. we found out the guy's name is phil. phil is actually patrolman phil croucher, a 16 year vet of the ohio police department. >> that's rich. keep going. >> all the guys to paid $50 to get up to $450 to pay phil also police officers. >> no. >> yes. just recently this week it's come down that phil has been suspended two days and also has to go through an alcohol evaluation. the nine guys who paid him $50 each received a written reprimand. >> i can't believe that these guys that we were talking so much about is a freakin' police officer. >> the police department knew about it when it first went down. he was placed on a paid administrative leave back then until a doctor could confirm he was healthy and posed no medical risk to the public. >> he just dunked his entire head in a bucket of lots of different people's pee. >> he wasn't in uniform. >> this is his private life
're brown, they can just pull you over and demand papers? >> that's right. >> you've got to be ( bleep ) me. excuse me. holy ( bleep ). i didn't realize these laws could affect actual people, like me. if either party gets a super majority in d.c., who knows what hell it could unleash? chick-fil-as everywhere! drum circles! no! are you ( bleep ) kidding me! aahhh! ( bleep ) you, 12 labels. gridlock! we need you! >> jon: alad ( cheers and applause ). >> jon: my guest tonight, he is the senior judicial analyst for the fox news channel. his new book is called "theodore and woodrow." please welcome back, the good judge andrew napolitano. what's up? >> good to see you. >> jon: it's the judge! how are you, man? >> i am well. >> jon: we're going to get into things, theodore and woodrow, but first-- >> this is a great audience. >> jon: they're a lovely group of people. they're here-- the tickets are free. >> they didn't pay to get in? >> jon: they did not pay to get in. they love you. let me ask you two things first-- >> you're not going to make me defend o'reilly? >> jon: why, of course-- co
alexis carlisle is her name. she is said to have uncombed black hair, brown eyes. she was last seen wearing an orange shirt, blue jeans, and a pink jacket. police believe she was abducted by these two individuals coming up here in this video. eric eugene black, age 41, and jennifer carlisle. she's 35 years old, described as having red hair and green eyes. you may notice that her last name carlisle matches the last name of the little girl who is missing here, although we're not sure of the relationship between them. again, she was last seen 4:30 thursday afternoon. she was in halifax, virginia, 1076 lower liberty road. that was the address where she was last seen thursday afternoon. now, we believe that her abductors may be heading from halifax here to the washington, d.c. area. police have information that makes them believe that they may be on the move again to our area. there is a lookout for a car. they may be driving a 1985 nissan station wagon with a virginia license plate number of snj 9177. anyone who has information about the whereabouts of this little girl and these two ind
brown hair and brown eyes, she was last seen wearing -- police suspect she was abducted by 41-year-old eric eugene black and 35-year-old jennifer dawn carwile. they are believed to be driving -- if you spot this car, you're asked to call authorities. >>> prosecutors are stunned by a not guilty verdict in last year's deadly stabbing at bowie state university. >> we never doubt it. because we know our friend. >> truth prevails through all of this. truth prevailed that's all i can say. >> friends and family of the defendant alexis simpson celebrated after the decision last night. a prince george's county jury acquitted simpson of all seven charges against her. defense attorneys argued that simpson was acting in self- defense in september of 2011 when she slashed her roommate dominique frazier across the throat. >> we are very disappointed tonight. we presented what we thought was very clear and strong evidence and there are no winners. >> her emotion was very genuine. and she is tremendously remorseful for this incident. it has affected her emotionally in ways that you can only imagin
is a white male between the ages of 55 to 75 years old with gray or brown hair -- and between five feet one and five feet six inches tall. anyone who recognizes this man is asked to call the cook county sheriff's office at 708-865- 6244. a chicago firefighter was injured while putting out flames and a vacant building. the firefighter was pulling holes into the building when the floor collapsed underneath him sending him plunging into the basement where the fire was burning. firefighters had to pull him out through a window. he may have suffered a broken wrist and is reported in stable condition. the cause of the fire is under investigation. police have released the sketches of two men, wanted in connection with a violent robbery in south suburban stickney. it happened around 6-15 last night, in the 53-hundred block of west 51st street in stickney. police say a woman walked in a robbery in progress in her garage. that's when the men grabbed the woman by the throat, punched her, cut her clothing and shoved her to the ground. the suspects are described as:an african american man in his late
are not releasing any information on that. now, alexis is said to have uncombed black hair, brown eyes. she was last seen wearing an orange shirt, blue jeans, and a pink jacket. police believe she could be in extreme danger, and she want to find her as quickly as possible. she was last seen at 1066 lower liberty road in fairfax, virginia, but they believe they may be heading to the washington area from halifax. they're believed to be in a 19 35i8 nissan station wagon with a virginia plate of xng 9177. if anyone has seen this little girl, you are asked to call 911. >> it is 6:01. you may need the umbrella. it is cold and wet. that's how we're ending the week. chilly rain out there. not in this picture, obviously. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here. he says there is some rain. >>> a few scattered sprinkles mainly for the viewers in our southern and eastern suburbs. it all comes from a disturbance over the carolinas. looks like it's going to head out to sea. it decided to take a rogue turn to the north and past just southeast of the metro ar. that's all this area in green moving north and e
. says john kerry and state put scott brown in the senate. just a thought. >> what? >> doesn't necessarily put him in the senate but he would probably run for that seat. >> we were making this point on the show yesterday and some listeners agreed with john fuglesang who said if john kerry is not in the senate anymore scott brown will run for that seat. >> he'll run for it but that doesn't mean that scott brown necessarily wins. barney frank could win. well, all right. i see the point. let's get a couple more callers. patty from seattle. you're on the "bill press show." good morning. hello, patty. all right. >> no patty from seattle. >> charles from tampa, florida. charles, good morning. you're on the "bill press show" we hope. >> caller: good morning. how you doing today? >> good. good to hear your voice. >> great to hear yours. on the benghazi thing with the c.i.a. and them doing the investigation. if it was a republican in office you guys would be harping all over it. what we need to find out is why
is he throwing that away? former san francisco mayor willie brown's here, along with ashley parker of the "new york times." mayor, you were a pro, it seems that romney is not a pro. he had a good concession speech. the president threw him a big offer to have something look a new hoover commission, something really good for him to do. he whips back with this accusation the president bought the election. >> total and complete bitterness, chris. this man obviously is wrong for the game. he has lost, and he lost badly. he's embarrassed, and he's trying his best to minimize the victory. he's trying his best in some fashion to say to people it was taken from me unfairly, that i should have won, and that if there had been only my kind of people voting i would have won. however, there were some other people voting, and they're the people that you and i don't like. that's what he's saying to his people, and that's wrong. >> let's take a look at the audio from the conference. just like that 47%, it was recorded. let's hear romney talking to his donors in which he says in this tape the presid
of the >q a moiflt brown turkey isn't complete without a delicious stuffing. preparing from scratch is a lot of work. can you wow guests with a store bought stuffing? consumer reports tested 11 to see if you can cut corners and get tasty results. testers looked at oneysiñs and each was prepared according to directions. adding ingredients like butter or margarin ee. we%zkyuyÑÑ wantt to have a fresh broth flavor and you wanted to taste fresh vegetables.. >> these didn't come close to home mid. >> most tasted of chewy vegetables, crunchy crumbs, dried seasonings. overpowering herbs. >> testers say there is hope. >> both pepperridge farm called for fresh ingredients. >> consumer reports says both would be a tasty addition to thanksgiving dinner and no one need know the stuffing isn't homemade. while you won't mistake it for a health food, consumer reports says you can make it a little healthier by using lower sodium broth, and add more veg skbreez herbs for more flavor. and i have a confession. i don't like stuffing. >> looks fine to me. >> thank you. >> hidden camera pranksters hit the stree
older than i would like to admit, i graduated from morris brown college in georgia. it was due to a huge part for the omega boys club paying for my tuition and providing me as well as many first generation college students the opportunity to go on to college and graduate. so it wasn't just about talking the talk)v)vpñyñ in terms of how we eliminate violence and how we work to make changes andgwñ transformation in the community but it wasn[ñ?ñ? also about the action behind it. having the opportunity to go to school, go to high school, and knowing and understanding that ifc ?ñ? you're part of a program that will be able to pay your tuition, takes the stress=ñ?ñ? off a lot of our students and a lot of cp └u that provide a tangible opportunity for change. so we just want to thank dr. marshall and jack for the work they've done over the past 25 years and the work that they continue -- and not only did they pay college[@kw tuitions, not only do they continue to work in the community, as you see they're not here tonight,
exposure seal tears in furniture, damp mop, vacuum often, wash hands frequently n june, governor brown directed the state agency in charge to review california's flammability standards and to recommend changes to reduce the use of flame retardants. the makers of the chemicals say they save lives and property. >> thank you. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a registered sex offender, caught volunteering at a bay area school. how he got on y sheriff's >>> i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. a ringstered sex offender caught volunteering at a bay area school. how he got on campus and why deputies didn't arrest him. >> sometimes they are stolen by the truckload. why bay area thieves are going nuts and what's being done to crack those cases. sorry. those stories and more -- [ laughter ] >> both of those. [ laughter ] >> walnuts. >> mm-hm. >> so the rain coming tonight? >> rain gets here tonight. and it will likely last until sunday. you will get some breaks between the rain but it's going to be rather soggy for the next three days. >> all right. "cbs evenin
to postpone at governor jerry brown's request. officials say the passage of prop 30 eliminated the need for a increase. >> no increase this year. there is nothing on the agenda today about any system wide increase for undergrads. the item with professional degree is put off to a later date. >> during the meeting a dozen protesters started shouting. >> investigators are looking into three suspicious fires set over night and all within a half mile of each other. authorities say they believe the same person may have set up to 30 fires over the past eight months. >> these fires have been kind of similar patterns in terms of vacant buildings, we have a task force investigating at this time. >> investigators do not have any suspect but they have a vague description of a man wearing a hooted sweat shirt. >>> the red cross is assisting residents after their home was destroyed by fire. the fire was burning in the backyard and into rooms in the back of the house. nobody was home at the time. >>> youth radio is scheduled to receive a award that white house. it teaches young people how to produce p
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